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When it is time to buy your next car, there is no reason you have to go out and purchase a brand new vehicle. Many used cars prove to be just as reliable and stylish as new cars. Another benefit is that used cars also come with a much cheaper price tag. At Home Town Auto Center, we offer a vast selection of used cars for sale that are both reliable and affordable. There is also no pressure at all to buy from our friendly sales team.

A Unique System

Home Town Auto Center selects all of its used cars very carefully as we have put together a unique system for buying and selling cars. Before we bring in a car to sell, we make sure that it is in proper working order inside and out. Our auto service team inspects each vehicle and ensure that it is ready for the road. That means correcting defects that might threaten to slow you down. This system was put together to provide customers with a quality product they can trust.

Financing Options Available

Home Town Auto Center does not care about your credit history. Financing is available with a variety of options for each and every customer. We finance customers with bad credit or even no credit at all. It is our job to approve you. We work with a variety of banks and finance companies so that you can get the best deal possible.

Our team of professionals will also explain the entire financing process in great detail and answer any questions you may have. Financing will also work to restore your credit and Home Town Auto Center can help you get started with fast, easy and affordable financing options. We can help cater to each buyer’s individual budget.

Home Town Reliability And Service

Some people may be skeptical about buying a used car, but Home Town Auto Center has made it a mission to create a buying environment where customers can feel comfortable. We want our customers to feel right at home and trust in what we say. That comes with integrity, honesty and a complete disclosure with every one of our used cars.

Visiting a used car dealership should not have to come with worry or fear. It should be a pleasant, comfortable experience and that is what we have created at Home Town Auto Center. For the best used cars Hickory has to offer, visit Home Town Auto Center and take advantage of our unique approach to auto sales.

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